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MissPutti  the Persian, the Cat of the Day
Name: MissPutti
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Persian
Home: Steens, Mississippi, USA
   MissPutti is an almost all solid black long haired Purrsian (okay, technically it's spelled Persian, but she has such a sweet purr, we modified its spelling! She is now ten years old, and has lived through a lot with me. She is not "just a cat," she is family!

      MissPutti loves her cat bed, and often lies in the silliest of positions in it. What does not look at all comfortable to us humans, must be for her! She is so fluffy she did not even mind the rare snow we got that January - as you can tell by the pansies, it was an unexpected storm - our average temperature in January is about 50 degrees F, well above freezing! But as much as she dislikes rain, we think her fluff kept her from even noticing the snow, even if it stands out on her black fur. We like that picture too because it shows off how magnificent her fluffy tail is! We love our MissPutti!

MissPutti  the Persian, the Cat of the Day

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