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Bingo the Russian Blue, the Cat of the Day
Name: Bingo
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Russian Blue
Home: North Carolina, USA
   This is Bingo. He is our ten-year-old Russian Blue. He loves the outdoors and is probably the smartest cat I've ever met. (I might be a little biased...) He is very expressive and you can always tell what Bingo is thinking just by his face and eyes. If necessary, he will also "talk" to us, with meows that sound quizzical or assertive, depending on what he is trying to convey. He has quite a vocabulary when he feels the need.

      This is a recent picture of him in his favorite spot - outside the front door on the cool concrete. It can get very warm and humid, so I am sure the coolness of the concrete feels nice. and an older picture of him as a kitten. He looked like he might be fluffy when we fiorst got him, but as he grew, he became the picture perfect Russian Blue you see now!

Bingo the Russian Blue, the Cat of the Day

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