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Indiana, the Cat of the Day
Name: Indiana
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Singapura
Home: Australia
   Singapuras' are known to be the smallest breed of cat and Indiana [a.k.a. BEE] is shown at his full size. Though he is a male, he has the personality of a female Singapura [which are known for being snobby]. That said, he's the most gorgeous beast you'll ever meet and even though he's the favorite of the cats [don't tell anyone] and despises humans [most of the time] he loves to cuddle up to his siblings!

    Now, we actually own two Singapuras, the other one Loki, (2.5 year old male) is playful and carries the stereotypical attitude of a Singapura which is similar to a dogs, whereas Indiana has his moments and is more reserved, however both the cats are quick, full of attitude and very cheeky!

    Both have beautiful big eyes and look like Mountain Lions/miniature cougars, many people often mistake them for Abyssinians. His brother Loki has a trick where he is able to catch paper when thrown to him, but Indiana doesn't know any tricks as he does his own thing. He also had been know to curl up in the microwave for a nap - thankfully, it is completely obvious when he's in there, so we know not to use it - and to wipe out the cat hair before actually trying to use it for its intended purpose!

    Finally, Indiana has a very special bond with Asia (our female Bengal that's the same age as Indiana), and she is the outcast of the pack. He is one special boy!

Indiana, the Cat of the Day
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Indiana, the Cat of the Day
Indiana, the Cat of the Day
Indiana, the Cat of the Day

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