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Mario the Tabby
Name: Mario
Age: Two and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Tabby
Home: Olympia, Washington, USA
   When my Ashley died last year, I decided not to get another cat. That was until I made the mistake of visiting the local animal shelter, just looking, of course. This guy put on a charm performance that I could not resist and I adopted him after the second visit. Had no idea he was so big, 16 pounds, until I put him in the carrier and tried to lift him.

     Mario eats, plays and sleeps hard. He is not very affectionate, except at mealtime or getting his bedtime snack. He does like being combed every day and going out in the rain, so that he can come in frequently to get toweled off. He is actually too friendly and curious for his own good and I do worry about him at times. However, he comes in close to sundown and the kitty door is then closed. All eight of our previous cats have lived to be eighteen years old or more and we attribute that to being in at night.

     Mario has a friend in the neighborhood who he meets every morning. They chase each other and have mock fights, then settle down on the front walk and watch the people taking morning walks. I finally captured them with the camera, and it makes me smile.

Mario the Tabby Mario the Tabby Mario the Tabby

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