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Jesse James the Orange Tabby
Name: Jesse James
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Orange Tabby
Home: Johnston, Rhode Island, USA
   Jesse James is a lovable baby boy and he is the Boss of this house. He has a Maine Coon cat sister and a hound mix puppy sister. He drinks out of the dog’s giant water bowl and his very distinguished chin drips with water every time.

     He head butts you to show love as humans would hug one another, he also greets us at the front door whenever we walk into our home. Jesse James attempts to open doors with his paws, he is a very smart kitty. He warms our hearts with his soft face and gentle love. We call him "cat dog" because he has traits of both dog and cat! :) We sure love him!

Jesse James the Orange Tabby Jesse James the Orange Tabby Jesse James the Orange Tabby

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