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Bruiser the Tabby
Name: Bruiser
Age: Thirteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Tabby
Home: Longview, Texas, USA
   Bruiser is a rescue kitty! When my brother was in the Air Force and stationed in Abilene, TX, Bruiser was the neighborhood kitty. Everyone in the neighborhood fed him and helped take care of him. One Sunday morning, two neighborhood boys, about thirteen years old, got him and beat him with lengths of water hose. Then they threw him over a fence into a backyard with a couple of dogs. The dogs got him before my brother's neighbor did, but my brother's neighbor was able to get him away from the dogs.

     My brother and his neighbor followed the kids to their house and waited for the police to show up. My parents were visiting my brother, and they got Bruiser and took him to a vet. The vet said that he could do surgery and charge them thousands of dollars, and Bruiser would probably still die.

     My brother took him home, and with a heavy heart, made Bruiser a pallet with a heating blanket under it, and left him there. He went in the back yard and dug a hole, and then went to bed expecting to have to bury him in morning. When my brother got up the next morning, Bruiser was up wandering around the house sniffing things, and he has been with me ever since!

     He is affectionate with us but very skittish with strangers, especially men, which is understandable. He is almost blind in one eye, only sees shadows, from where a dog's tooth went into it. He is playful in spurts and likes to jump and run! We never heard if the kids were prosecuted or not. About a year after Bruiser joined our family my brother was sent overseas and then to Utah which is why I ended up with Bruiser!

Bruiser the Tabby Bruiser the Tabby Bruiser the Tabby Bruiser the Tabby

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