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Sissi the Maine Coon
Name: Sissi
Age: Four months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Maine Coon
Home: Hesse, Germany
   Sissi is our Maine Coon kitten. She is still a baby, so she needs a lot of food and snacks. She loves to play with a ball or a balloon.

     Maine Coons are the biggest kind of domesticated Cats. They have big feet long hairs and bushy ears. Her breed is from Maine which is in the USA, but she was born and lives here in Germany. She is so sweet when she sleeps and plays. Maine Coons can be about 12 kg(25 pounds) heavy and 1.20 m (almost 4 feet) long. It will be interesting to see how big she gets to be. I love her so much.

Sissi the Maine Coon Sissi the Maine Coon Sissi the Maine Coon Sissi the Maine Coon

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