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Tsuki the Siamese
Name: Tsuki
Age: Ten months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Siamese
Home: Portugal
   Tsuki is a little cute cinnamon bun. He is a ten-month-old Siamese. He loves to takes naps in the sun and likes to be by the window to watch the birds. He loves warms places to sleep and likes to sleep under the blankets with me.

     Tsuki loves to play with toys like balls and boxes and likes to steal my hair bands to play with it. He also likes food very much and always wants to eat my soup, i have no idea why he likes it. He has strange habits, well, he likes to follow me around the house like a dog and always waits for me to get home sometimes by the door. He loves to play with water, that's strange for a cat i think.

     Every night around 2 a.m., he runs around the house like crazy and sometimes bangs himself on a doorway, he is very silly sometimes. But still, he is very well behaved and very clean, never ruins any furniture and he loves kisses and hugs very much. Follow him on instagram @tsukino.neko

Tsuki the Siamese Tsuki the Siamese Tsuki the Siamese Tsuki the Siamese

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