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Mickey the Domestic Shorthair
Name: Mickey
Age: Fourteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Domestic Short Hair
Home: Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, USA
   Mickey has been a part of our family for more than 14 years. We first saw him under our neighbor's bird feeders for a number of days one February. We tried to approach him, but he always ran away. A live trap proved to be the solution. He was a youngster (only about six months old) and had obviously been in a fight. His right year was torn and folded over, so the vet had to cut it off. Thus, the half ear. We think it makes him distinctive.

     But he never lost his fearfulness. He is afraid of anyone who comes into the house; he runs away and hides until they are gone. Sudden movements, paper bags, anything you may be carrying - those are all very scary things that make him jump and/or run and hide. The only other person he trusts is Nancy the pet sitter/cat whisperer.

     His favorite place during the winter is in his bed in front of the gas stove, and in the summer is lounging on the settee on the porch. When he's in his bed by the stove, he loves to "flip" over and warm up his under side, which never fails to elicit smiles from us.

     Although Mickey is not as active as he used to be, he still enjoys short play times with his favorite activity - jumping at any movement under blankets, tarps, etc. He also likes following a "stick" as it moves in and out from under a newspaper, box, door, whatever ... his toys are cheap! And he's smart. He has learned to open many doors throughout the house, especially those that lead to outside.

     Mickey is a good boy. He's had three sisters over the years and has gotten along with all of them. But he is alone right now, and likes it that way.

Mickey the Domestic Shorthair Mickey the Domestic Shorthair Mickey the Domestic Shorthair Mickey the Domestic Shorthair

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