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Spark the Ocicat, the Cat of the Day
Name: Spark
Age: Ten months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Ocicat
Home: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
   My name is Spark and I am an Ocicat, that means I have spots! lots of spots and I love to show them off. I am 10 months old and daddy says I'm still in the kitten phase and have a few more months of growing to do. I've been living with my new daddy and new fur-friends for two months now and I like my new fur-ever home. I love my new daddy and I like my two new cat friends. Daddy says I have two speeds, sleep and play and it is playtime, so I will let daddy finish.

     Spark is a purebred Ocicat and the first pure breed cat I've owned. He's been shown and earned points but no ribbons. That is just as well, I got him to be my buddy not a show cat. I wanted a cat that would "shake things up" and Spark certainly has. I researched breeds on and off for about year before deciding on the Ocicat instead of a Bengal or Savannah.

     Spark, like most Ocicats, is very social and friendly. He walks on a leash loves to meet new people and is good around dogs. When I had him at the vet he was out on his leash saying hello to the dogs while the other cats were hiding in their carriers covered with towels. Everyone had to come out to see the spotted cat on a leash playing with the dogs. He is always in the middle of the action. At Good Friday dinner with a dozen people in the house there was Spark playing with the other little boys.

     Spark has brought some needed energy to my house. I live alone with two other cats, 18-year-old "Grumpy" Gracie and eight-year-old Princess Sophie. Sophie is a large longhair cat, who since my wife's passing and like me, has slowed down and been depressed. Spark is just what Sophie and I need, Sophie is Spark's buddy. They play, even though Sophie can't keep up with him, and she has taken on the roll of Kitty mentor to him.

     Spark has brought a new energy and new life to my otherwise quite urban loft. I look forward to many happy years of play-time, snuggles, and showing of spots with my new little guy!

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