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Lobelia the Angora mix, the Cat of the Day
Name: Lobelia
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Angora mix
Home: Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
   Lobelia, always known as Libby, is a Calico x Tabby x (Siamese or Tonkinese) x Turkish Angora mix. Libby has a pretty Tonk/Siamese type coloring, and the wonderful "I love everybody" personality. She is a very loving cat, with a silly cry (almost nasally) and she thinks everybody is a friend who has come to love on her with petting!

     When Libby wants outside or inside, she will juggle the door handles or peek through the window of the door and claw madly at it. She has never hissed or scratched, she is very "mother-hen" like. Libby is quite boisterous I must say, she loves to talk to her humans! If you don't talk back to her, she will tap your leg with her paw a few times and cry. If another cat needs inside and we can't hear them, Libby will go to the door and jiggle the door nob to get our attention. She loves to give baths to her younger and older brother (Mister and Yoshi). Lobelia has a dangerous habit of meeting the cars that come down our drive way! if a car is coming, she runs out towards it, then will walk on the grass beside the driveway following the car. If she wants to be picked up and held, she will jump onto the table or highest thing near to you, and cry, and sometimes tap you wither her paw. Once you pick her up, she will slouch across your arm and purr!

Lobelia the Angora mix, the Cat of the Day

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