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Polly the Longhair Calico, the Cat of the Day
Name: Polly
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Longhair Calico
Home: Hayward, California, USA
   Polly is a very special rescue kitty. My senior cat Wilson lost his buddy Clancy after 15 years due to illness. He was bereft and losing weight. I was dubious about adding another kitty to the household because there you can never be sure how things will turn out but when I saw a girl kitty named Duchess online from a rescue a few hours away I just knew that she was the one. They were able to bring her to me a week or so later when they were transporting dogs up here to the bay area.

     Poor kitty arrived here all stresses and had some diarrhea. I had to clean her up so I took her in the bathroom and put her hind legs in the sink to clean her up. She just stood there purring and let me wash her - what a sweetheart! She stayed overnight in my bedroom with Wilson downstairs. The next morning I opened my bedroom door but she stayed upstairs and Wilson stayed downstairs. Finally at 4 pm I took her downstairs. She sniffed all around and finally approached Wilson and they touched noses. They have been great friends ever since!

     I renamed her Polly as some of my favorite children's books were Pollyanna and the Five Little Peppers with Polly Pepper and my daughter's Polly Pocket toys. She has the nicest manners and loves everyone but she is very camera shy. I just can't get a photo of her pretty green gold eyes. She loves a good snuggle and her wet food and soft ball toys. She is perfectly happy being an indoor kitty and having her brushings and doing whatever her big brother is doing. If she wants to drink water when he is, he will scoot over so she has room at the water bowl! I love her, too, and can't imagine life without my Polly.

Polly the Longhair Calico, the Cat of the Day Polly the Longhair Calico, the Cat of the Day

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