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Moony the Maine Coon, the Cat of the Day
Name: Moony
Age: Fourteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Maine Coon
Home: Everett, Washington, USA
   Moony (affectionately called "Moo") is a fourteen-year-old Maine Coon from Everett, Washington. When my family adopted him the summer before I entered kindergarten, he was our first family pet. When he bit me as a kitten, I remember telling my older siblings matter-of-factly that we would be sending him back from whence he came. Thankfully, my five-year-old logic was trumped by the rest of my family, and Moo has stuck around well into the young adulthood of my two siblings and I.

     Any family that has a pet for well over a decade would naturally become attached. However, Moo truly holds a special place in our hearts. We have many family stories regarding Moo and his antics. There was the Christmas that Moo ate a strand of tinsel, and my mom had to chase him through the house as it exited his digestive system. Or the times when Moo would snatch whatever food he could find unattended (chicken nuggets, breadsticks, and even cheese) from the coffee table. And there were the many times Moo snuggled up with me in my bed, offering comfort through difficult preteen years.

     Given my particular attachment to Moo, leaving him as I embarked on my freshman year of college was difficult, especially as his health has begun to fade. He has survived a bout of liver disease, and was diagnosed in March with chronic feline kidney disease. However, Moo continues to hang in there, and is always ready to cuddle up on the couch with me when I come home for breaks. Even as I write this, Moo is dozing at my feet on the couch.

     I know that Moo is getting old, and it is hard for me to think that an animal who has provided me with so much comfort and companionship for almost the entirety of my childhood will not be around forever. However, I know that Moo has lived a long life as one of the most-loved pets in the world, and I will forever cherish the time we have had together.

Moony the Maine Coon, the Cat of the Day Moony the Maine Coon, the Cat of the Day

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