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Blinx the Maine Coon, the Cat of the Day
Name: Blinx
Age: Fifteen years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Maine Coon
Home: Massachusetts, USA
   Blinx is one of the family's three cats. I watched her be born, from one of my other cats, Minun. She was born in August, which makes her a 'Leo' cat [which definitely fits her personality].

     She's special in a lot of ways. I've never had a cat that was so intelligent or did such odd things. I taught her to sit when she was just a kitten with bright, blue eyes. I wouldn't let her have the wet food until she sat. I used my hand to guide her bottom at first then she started doing it on her own. All these years later, and she still remembers. All I have to do is point, say 'sit' and she does it.

     She's mine more than anyone's, because she and I share a special bond. She talks to me through meowing, looks intensely into my eyes, kneads me, licks my face and hair for over ten minutes at a time. She sleeps in my bed with me, and she follows me where ever I go, unless if there's someone loud and obnoxious nearby, then she stays in my room. When I say certain words, she reacts as if she knows what it means; I can say 'wet food' and she'll meow then go to the cat-food door and try opening it. When I say 'come on', she looks into my eyes then comes.

     Another interesting thing about Blinx is that she doesn't clean her rear end with her tongue - but rather, her paw. It's a funny thing to watch, and another thing about her that makes her unique compared to other cats. After having surgery, Blinx wasn't able to clean herself because there was excess skin that covered her backside. We didn't have enough money to spay her when she was young. When she was about eight, she got a uterine infection. I told my parents something was wrong and we took her to the emergency room. They removed her uterus, saying it had been three times bigger than it was supposed to be. Ever since then, she has had excess skin down there. But with time, she adapted, and now she uses her hand to 'wipe' it, then licks her hand and does it again. It may be a bit odd but I find it incredible how she was able to adapt like that. That takes real intelligence and I'm glad she found another solution, as she was prone to getting bladder infections if she wasn't able to clean herself.

     She's, as you can tell by her appearance, a Maine Coon. She takes after her father, who was also a Maine coon. He lived near my old apartment and mated with my other cat, Minun. I used to feed him, and I found him to be beautiful, and I wished I had one like him. And indeed I got one. But what I love most about Blinx is that she always wants to lay with me and cuddle up against me. I find it amazing how an animal and a human can have such an incredible bond.

Blinx the Maine Coon, the Cat of the Day Blinx the Maine Coon, the Cat of the Day

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