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Tajo the Brown Tabby, the Cat of the Day
Name: Tajo
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Brown Tabby
Home: Walton on Thames, England, UK
   TTajo is very special to me as I am the only one in my family who he likes. When he starts to purr and gets all soft, if you tickle him, he rolls around on his back, showing off his cute fluffy, spotty tummy. Tajo has the cutest eyes and when with a toy mouse, he treats it like a little child would treat their teddy bear - it's so adorable! Every time at around seven p.m., he will thinks it's time for his dinner, and lets out little mews which make my heart melt.

     He attempts to catch butterflies in the garden, but prefers to sleep in the sun on the windowsill or on the bed during most of the weekend. He will eat fish, but also loves to have some icing or crumbs of cupcakes! Unlike my other cat, he is quite shy of other people and isn't that brave. When we are having our dinner, he will hang around like a shark and will give us the most adorable look (as if begging) for a bit of food. However he may turn his nose up at it, even if we do give some to him.

      We got Tajo at a flat in London, from a man who looked after cats for people to come, look and take them home permanently. Unfortunately, Tajo had a rather sad background. Him, his mother and his sisters were left in a cardboard box somewhere in London by a market, abandoned. Thankfully, this charming man took them in. Tajo was very scared at first when we went to visit him beforehand, running behind the sofa and the toilet. But he soon got used to living with us, and is the best cat in the world! Tajo is very special to me, and I love him to bits.

Tajo the Brown Tabby, the Cat of the Day Tajo the Brown Tabby, the Cat of the Day Tajo the Brown Tabby, the Cat of the Day

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