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Tsunami the Blue Point Siamese, the Cat of the Day
Name: Tsunami
Age: Fourteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Blue Point Siamese
Home: Westchester, New York, USA
   Tsunami (a.k.a. Tsu-Tsu, Fuzzy-Wuzzy, Middle Brother and Big Foot) is an extremely gentle and loving cat, but he is set in his ways and is extremely demanding. When he seeks attention, it must be when HE demands it and in HIS way! (Garfield appears to be his idol.) His territory is atop the lap that occupies the leather recliner in front of the TV. He is like a permanent fur blanket, unless - of course, someone tries to pick him up and put him there. He is quite consistent with the picking-up part. As long as his feet are planted firmly on something solid, he is okay; he will accept a "reasonable" amount of human affection. This even includes a willingness to accept his asthma pills twice a day. If his feet are grounded, tell him to say "Ahh," and he will open his mouth.

     When he wants his back scratched, he makes it a special point to notice the times when a bare arm or leg is exposed, and seeks attention with both front paws - claws fully extended. This gesture does not mean that he wants to be picked-up. It means that he wants his back scratched and you are expected to read his mind and respond accordingly. His paws have the normal number of toes, but open to what would seem to be the wingspan breadth of an eagle - hence the "Big Foot" name. He is equally demanding, when he wants the bedspread lifted, so that he can crawl under it to cuddle.

     He is a very handsome adult cat, with obsessive, impeccable grooming habits, but never lost his kitten "peach fuzz." So, when he stands in front of a light, there is an aura-like glow that seems to shimmer behind him - hence the "Fuzzy Wuzzy" moniker. The last two inches of his tail are slightly discolored and usually wet and slimy, because he has been sucking on it. On occasion, this ritual becomes so intense that his two brothers come running to "help" him. (Really they are afraid they might be missing-out on something good to eat, because of his slurping.)

     He may have an aloof attitude, but he is the only feline family member, who will respond to his name and come when called. He has the Siamese "gift for gab," with quite an extensive vocabulary. However, he has only two tones: a pleasant, chirping or cooing sound and an unusually loud, throaty, low-pitched, howling sound that might inspire an observer to suspect animal cruelty - especially during attempts to trim his nails! Finally, he is the best mouser to become part of the family, in decades. He is patient, precise, and even cleans-up after himself, leaving nothing to be flushed down the toilet. We love him, both despite his peculiarities and because of them.

Tsunami the Blue Point Siamese, the Cat of the Day

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