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Annie the Ragdoll, the Cat of the Day
Name: Annie
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Ragdoll
Home: South Burlington, Vermont, USA
   Annie and her brother Andie are both Ragdolls, Annie is a seven-year-old female, and she's a seal=point, with the darker chocolate "points" to her fur.

     Annie is a true princess, she walks very regally with head and tail held high with an air of expectation that she will be granted her every whim. When she wants me to play with her, she goes into the kitchen and meows loudly until I join her with her favorite toy (who has who trained?).

     She is petite for a ragdoll but that does not stop her from getting Andie to chase her through the house, although when he catches her, she gets very indignant and will even hiss at him. He then gets this questioning look of 'what did I do?' and I just tell him that she is a girl, a princess and that's how they are. She loves to snuggle tight and purrs very loudly. She is very interested in anything new, she had to lie under the Christmas tree as soon as I finished putting it up in December.

Annie the Ragdoll, the Cat of the Day

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