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Kiki the Domestic Shorthair, the Cat of the Day
Name: Kiki
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Domestic Shorthair
Home: JSt. Charles, Michigan, USA
   I met him about a year ago. I'd catch glimpses of him running away as he'd catch sight of me when I went outside. Poor cat, I thought ... the dead of winter and he looks hungry. I didn't know what to feed him so I mixed some canned mackerel with yogurt and dry dog food. The bowl was always empty the next day. I suspected that he and a friendlier little calico cat were living under the back porch and kept each other warm when the temps dropped down at night. For three months I fed them and while the calico would come near, KiKi was shy and would stand about 10' away and meow to me. Finally one day he let me pet him! It was just for a moment but as the months went by he became a little less fearful and I could tell he liked the brief petting he allowed me.

     Finally I was able to gain his confidence enough to pick him up and put him in a cat carrier and off to the vet we went. At that point I didn't know if 'it' was male or female. I'd never owned a cat before. The vet said he was an intact male and neutered him for me. I found out the little calico had already been spayed. He's the biggest sweetheart and it's heartwarming to see the two of them enjoy each other's company. They live in the garage with a cat-door my son put in. They have beds and a recirculating fountain for their water source. There's catnip toys as well. I educated myself on what to feed them and now they get a healthy diet.. Garfield has nothing on them!

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