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Cally the Dilute Calico, the Cat of the Day
Name: Cally
Age: Fourteen years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Dilute Calico
Home: Jerome, Pennsylvania, USA
   This is our dilute calico, Cally girl. She is lives with her two year younger cat "sister" that she likes to pretend she could live without. She has been with us since she was eight weeks old and is such a pretty girl. Cally lives with her human mom and dad and her kitty sister, Coconut. Cally wasn't too thrilled when we decided she could use a friend to keep her company but she has come around to accept her. She even initiates play with Coconut sometimes now.

     Cally prefers to drink out of the bathtub and she will run ahead of us and wait for us to turn on the water. If you don't oblige, she will stand in the tub and meow until you give her a drink. She is very vocal and also loves to sleep in the hamper, any available basket, the kitty cube or really anything she can get into. As you can see, an open suitcase counts as a cat basket in her mind as well.

     The most special thing about Cally is that when anybody whistles, she runs to her human mommy for some loving. Just don't pick her up. She hates that and I swear that her meow sounds like she is yelling "Na!" It's better, in her opinion, to receive her loving while on her own four feet, thank you!

     My husband swears that Cally thinks she is human when she lies in her corner of the couch with her head propped up on the arm cushion and her belly exposed. She also has an obsession with blankets. Since she was a kitten she loves to be in or on a blanket and knead and purr. She also likes to be combed but only on her schedule. Cally is a little fussy; but she's our pretty little girl.

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