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Daisuki the Tabby mix, the Cat of the Day
Name: Daisuki
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Tabby mix
Home: Hammond, Indiana, USA
   Daisuki "Meow" Schafer is a fierce little miss who thinks she's a dog. Her meows are more like barks and growls. She makes for a wonderful guardcat and is too smart for her own good sometimes (She can open round door knobs!).

     Daisuki is a cuddly kitten that loves to seek affection, but can be temperamental and likes to chase strangers out of the house. She's very girly as well. She has her own little vanity mirror and comb in her kitty condo and uses it daily by herself. Her favorite colors alternate between pink and blue and she has a little Monukoru Boo Piggy pillow bed she sleeps on by one of the windows. She loves baths and will hop in the tub when she wants one and mew. She loves playing with her rubber duckie in the tub during her baths. She also has a curious obsession with boxes and candy wrappers so it's not hard to keep her happy. We can't hide anything from her either. If she sees where we hid something, she can retrieve it. Speaking of retrieving, she also plays fetch with us using a sparkly pom pom ball. She was also the runt of the litter when we adopted her, so she won't get much bigger than she is now, and we kind of love that.

     Her original name was Isabella when we adopted her, but she didn't like that name very much. We then asked her to help us pick a name, and when we said "How about 'Daisuki?'" she jumped from my arms and purred. So, she picked her name. It means "I like you" in Japanese, so it fits.

Daisuki the Tabby mix, the Cat of the Day

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