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Lixu the Turkish Angora, the Cat of the Day
Name: Lixu
Age: Three months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Turkish Angora
Home: Perpignan, France
   A baker from my neighborhood found, at the fruit and vegetable market on a rainy day, this tiny kitten lost and crying. She rescued it, but not being able to keep it, offered it to her clients. One of them was a neighbor who knows me well. She put us in touch, and Monday, November 4, 2019 Lixu entered in my life.

     She showed herself from the beginning very comfortable in apartment, as well as in her relationship with the human,s but not at all in those with other cats! As soon as she saw even one of the other five, she was in a state of terror close to suffocation - so much so that during the first 36 hours I put her in solitary confinement in the office.

     At the end of this period, I placed her in a high position on the ironing board, then let in the others. Irbis and Fusca were his first visitors. Lixu spurned them spitting and grunting at them, then at their indifference, finally going down and exploring the rest of his new home. The first night was punctuated by grunting and puffing, but very quickly everything calmed down and at the end of the same five days, Lixu had integrated into her new family.

     Based on the diagnosis of a cat-breeding friend - the very one who brought me Fusca- who visited us shortly after her arrival, Lixu would be a Turkish Angora with long hair, of the coat color called "black smoke." She is of a very cuddly temperament but without excess, sleeping long hours in a perched and isolated place of her choice; we will see how her character evolves over time and events. Next month we will go to the vet for her first vaccines, and schedule her for sterilization and registration with a microchip that will probably take place at the end of the winter. We love her, and she now has her forever home.

Lixu the Turkish Angora, the Cat of the Day Lixu the Turkish Angora, the Cat of the Day Lixu the Turkish Angora, the Cat of the Day

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