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January Archive

January 1, 2000
Jekyll    Domestic Long Hair    Honolulu
Hawaii, USA
January 2, 2000
Charlotte    Siamese Cat    Holland Patent
New York, USA
January 3, 2000
Sammy    Cat USA
January 4, 2000
Zippo Brittish Shorthair Zoersel
January 5, 2000
Widget Brittish Shorthair Indiana
January 6, 2000
Vada Cat Canton
Michigan, USA
January 7, 2000
Houdini Blonde, Tabby Edmonton
Alberta, Canada
January 8, 2000
Max Abyssinian Westwood
New Jersey, USA
January 9, 2000
Calvin Tabby Farfield
California, USA
January 10, 2000
Byron Tabby Chatsworth
California, USA
January 11, 2000
Gracie Domestic Short Hair Miami Beach
Florida, USA
January 12, 2000
Isabella Tabby, Calico Mix Dallas
Texas, USA
January 13, 2000
Kit Kat Flame Point Himalayan Lake Elsinore
California, USA
January 14, 2000
MiniMe Abyssinian New York
New York, USA
January 15, 2000
Tasha Tortoise Shell Domestic Shorthair Canada
January 16, 2000
Witsy Bits Cat Brighton
Sussex, England
January 17, 2000
Sweetpea Domestic Shorthair Delaware
January 18, 2000
Duffy Maine Coon Bronx
New York, USA
January 19, 2000
Oscar Tiger Cat Michigan
January 20, 2000
Rusty Medium Haired Tabby Greenville
South Carolina, USA
January 21, 2000
Jake Maine Coon California
January 22, 2000
Yeti Himalayan Mix Virginia
January 23, 2000
Nike Domestic Shorthair Portland
Oregon, USA
January 24, 2000
Pablo Cat Toronto
Ontario, Canada
January 29, 2000
Fabulus Domestic Shorthair Stockholm
January 30, 2000
Prune Cat Geneva
January 31, 2000
Jamilla Himalayan, Siamese Mix Ottawa

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