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October Archive

October 1, 2000
Murdy    Cat    Spokane
Washington, USA
October 2, 2000
Ivan Domestic Short Hair    Sonora
California, USA
October 3, 2000
Ike Lynx BluePoint
Mitted Siamese   
Oregon, USA
October 4, 2000
Callie Calico Sonora
California, USA
October 5, 2000
Amber Cat Tennessee
October 6, 2000
Tessie Jo Siamese, Manx Mix Green River
Wyoming, USA
October 7, 2000
Dudley do-Right Devon Rex Ft. Lauderdale
Florida, USA
October 8, 2000
Chloe Shorthair Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania, USA
October 9, 2000
Orielle Cat Eau Claire
Wisconsin, USA
October 10, 2000
Sabrina Ragdoll Hickory
North Carolina, USA
October 11, 2000
Jack Domestic Shorthair Lynbrook
New York, USA
October 12, 2000
Oscar White Copper-eyed Persian North of Seattle
Washington, USA
October 13, 2000
Chaser Silver Tabby DuPont
Washington, USA
October 14, 2000
Nanook Tortoiseshell England
October 15, 2000
Godfrey Long-Haired Cat Wisconsin,
October 16, 2000
Machu Domestic Longhair Brampton
Ontario, Canada
October 17, 2000
Mikey Colorpoint Shorthair Jessup
Maryland, USA
October 18, 2000
Cosmo Domestic Longhair Phoenix
Arizona, USA
October 19, 2000
Otis Ragdoll Cross Calgary
October 20, 2000
Lisa American Bobtail Mix Sonora
California, USA
October 21, 2000
Splotch, Fuzzee Sphynx Silver Spring
Maryland, USA
October 22, 2000
Morgan Flame Point Siamese Rowlett
Texas, USA
October 23, 2000
Mishi Siamese Biloxi
Mississippi, USA
October 24, 2000
Boomer Brown Tiger
American Short Hair
Ohio, USA
October 25, 2000
Booties Domestic Shorthair Oklahoma City
Oklahoma, USA
October 26, 2000
Chablis Red Persian Milton
Ontario, Canada
October 27, 2000
Tootie Tabby Virginia
October 28, 2000
Millie Domestic Shorthair New Hampshire
October 29, 2000
Pugsy, Maggie Cat Valhalla
New York, USA
October 30, 2000
Smudge American Shorthair New Orleans
Louisiana, USA
October 31, 2000
Sabrina Long Haired Mix Reno
Nevada, USA

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